Programming Competition For Girls

24th Sep. 2018 at 10:00 AM


This competition will be organized under IEEE MEFGI STUDENT BRANCH and IEEE MEFGI WIE to promote the participation of girl students in the programming field. This will be a programming competition for girls for different programming languages. This contest will encourage the spirit of competitiveness and accelerate learning through extra-curricular activities, within the student community and prepare themselves to become smart professionals. Girls from Engineering, technology and computer science will participate in the competition and at the end of prescribed rounds the winners will be declared. Programming in most essential skill in today's industry driven market for professionals. Such a competition will create awareness and motivation needed to push the female ratio up in the professional fields. And existing women will have increased work satisfaction and acknowledgement in turn increasing higher retention ration.

Objective of the Competition

Objective of organizing Programming competition for girls is to create and enhance career advancement of women in technology and engineering. Programming is skill which is very high in demand and such competitions will motivate the participants to learn those skill and adapt to the needs of the industry and academia. One whole day event, comprising of various rounds and different programming language will be organized. And at the end of nal rounds the winners will be declared.

Competition Details

General Instructions

~ This is a Team Event, Each Team Must Have 2-3 Members.
~ Participation Fees For Non IEEE Members is Rs. 50 Per Member and For IEEE Members, Participation is Free.
~ This Event Consists of 2 Rounds.
~ Participants can write programs in JAVA, C or C++.
~ Turbo C, Codeblocks and Netbeans Environment will be provided for coding.
~ Each team will be assigned only one computer.
~ The registration will only be confirmed after successfull payment of fees.

Round I

  1. This will be a QUIZ ROUND
  2. Quiz will consist of 30 questions based on programming concepts.

  3. Duration : 1 hr

Round II

  1. Each Team Will Get 3 Questions of Different Levels.
  2. Only After Solving the First Question Participants Can Move to Next Level Question.
  3. Duration : 2 hr

Team Members

Dr. R.B. Jadeja
Dr. Usha Mehta
Prof. Navjyotsinh Jadeja
Prof. Foram Rajdev
Prof. Priyanka Buch
Prof. Sunera Kargathara
Shaiva Bhalani (IEEE-Volunteer)
Rujika Sajeev (IEEE-Volunteer)
Arazu Gajera (IEEE-Volunteer)

Nidhi Hinsu (IEEE-Volunteer)
Prarthana Trivedi (IEEE-Volunteer)
Rupal Lakhani (IEEE-Volunteer)
Kinjal Kamdar (IEEE-Volunteer)
Dharti Vachhani (IEEE-Volunteer)
Namita Ashodiya (IEEE-Volunteer)
Niharika Sharma (IEEE-Volunteer)
Mansi Mehta (IEEE-Volunteer)
Dhruv Jain (IEEE-Volunteer)

Round-1 Results